Facebook allegedly accomplished this through its “Tag Suggestions” feature.
A security flaw in the ECI website put at risk not just the electoral roll, but all the other information gathered about voters as well—potentially putting the personal information of every Indian at risk.
After many delays, the government is finally set to bring forth the Personal Data Protection Bill, and although it’s not made any announcements yet, some reports have part of the information.
The CEO of Spoyl was alerted of a bug that allowed people to access any users profile in May, but only patched the vulnerability last week.
As India works out regulation around data protection and localisation, Barry Cook, Privacy and Group Data Protection Officer for VFS Global sounds a note of caution.
How do you improve a system that has to deal with trillions of queries a day? You get thousands of tech workers to rate searches and evaluate the results it throws up.
While we talk about big tech scooping up personal data from users, we’ve been tracked offline for decades through loyalty programs and reward points.
A study showed more than 1,000 applications gathering your data, even when permissions are explicitly denied.
Excessive app permissions are all over Android, and since the companies aren’t doing enough, it’s up to us to be careful.
Protecting your privacy online may seem like a battle you’ve already lost, but take heart. There are steps you can take to minimize harm.