data breach

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The police is investigating how the accused allegedly bypassed Aadhaar security to carry out enrolment from an unauthorised location.
The website has a dashboard showing a department, gender and district-wise breakdown of SC students, and this is available with no security.
Security forces killed two men, allegedly belonging to the Jaish-e-Mohammed outfit. Police say they may have used Aadhaar cards to conceal their identities.
A report on disclosed that a breach revealed names, email IDs, phone numbers, addresses and more, but the company didn’t inform users.
UIDAI breaks its silence after a 'HuffPost India' investigation showed Aadhaar enrolment software was hacked.
The official Twitter account of the Chief Postmaster General Delhi had first posted that people need to post a copy of the document on top of parcels.
Skilled hackers disabled security features of Aadhaar enrolment software, circulated hack on Whatsapp