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CERT-In has also asked Twitter for information on number of users from India who have visited the malicious tweets and links.
A security flaw in the ECI website put at risk not just the electoral roll, but all the other information gathered about voters as well—potentially putting the personal information of every Indian at risk.
Appearing in the #MeToo case, Google Inc. reportedly told Delhi High Court that its order would have a “chilling effect on freedom of speech and expression and be against public interest”.
A researcher’s analysis of the Truecaller app revealed the use of various third party SDKs that could be used to build detailed user profiles.
Several users are reporting that the latest update to Truecaller sees the app automatically attempting to connect their bank accounts to its UPI platform, without asking for permission.
This will be a stop-gap measure before the creation of a privacy bill.
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Indian tech companies are following the example set by their Chinese investors in pleasing the state and ruling party, rather than protecting their users.
The political research firm said it has been the subject of “numerous unfounded accusations.”
SHANGHAI - A popular mobile web browser from a company that Alibaba Group Holding Ltd paid more than $1 billion for last