delhi assembly elections 2015

The idea held on to by some is that AAP's victory in Delhi can be replicated everywhere in India. This is essentially the idea that localness can be spread from one locus, which is absurd. No, localness has to be grown locally; it cannot be exported or imported. Closeness to the ground is directly proportionate to the population over which a political party operates.
If Kejriwal can indeed achieve all of these, he may guarantee another 5 year term for a party that has created political history in just the 3rd year of its existence. However, the immediate focus must be on another "S", one that should be at the heart of all development, and that holds the key to Delhi's future prosperity - Sustainability.
Arvind Kejriwal, the hero of the moment, is the cynosure of all eyes. He should know that aapsolute mandate = aapsolute responsibility. In his own words, "It's scary." But he has a team of solid workers along with him, competent professionals with politically viable people and a well chartered plan.
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It is coming to an end today. But the campaign in the run up to this assembly election has been feisty and sometimes bare