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Gulshan Bano was forced to approach the courts twice just to get her father’s remains. The plight of grieving families like Gulshan’s have faded from view.
Faizan Khan is only the second person after Safoora Zargar to be granted bail in FIR 59 after the Delhi Police invoked India's anti-terror law, the Unlawful Prevention Activities Act.
The Jawaharlal Nehru University student was arrested and re-arrested in four cases in the span of ten days in May and June.
The arc of Tanha’s life is of a poor student from Jharkhand to a young man who was finding his politics at one of India’s top national universities.
It has been four years since Najeeb Ahmed went missing from the JNU campus on October 15, 2016
Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat has ordered lawyers to return pen drives with a soft copy of the chargesheet and to destroy any prints.
Even talking about "Ghazwa-e-Hind" seems “beyond ridiculous" to stunned family members.
Faizan Khan's stunned family says that he was a poor salesman who had no interest in politics and never attended the anti-CAA protests.
The Delhi Police waited for five months before asking the Delhi Metro for surveillance footage pertaining to the Delhi riots in February 2020.
Political activists have pointed to a resolution and Whatsapp messages to support their contentions.
Lawyers for the accused say the Delhi Police have falsified the disclosure statements attributed to their clients.
The BJP leader said he didn’t give a speech, but a Delhi Minorities Commission panel noted that violence erupted soon after his speech at Maujpur.
The freelance journalist was arrested on 14 September under the Official Secrets Act.
A statement signed by over 600 people said the police is not only targeting "dissenting voices, but it is also denying justice to those who have suffered and died during the riots".
A Delhi court on Monday sent Khalid to police custody for 10 days in a case related to the Delhi riots.
The rights body said that it is concerned that the police is not investigating the role of BJP leaders such as Kapil Mishra despite electronic evidence being available.
The hashtag became one of the top trends on Twitter after Khalid was arrested under the UAPA act.
The Delhi Police has filed a supplementary chargesheet and accused several activists and academicians of ''provoking and mobilising' anti-CAA protesters.
Amnesty said its investigation was specifically about the Delhi Police since there had been no probe thus far in the rights violations by the police during the February violence.