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We take a look at the factors that halt progress and what changes you can make.
Put down those supplements and eat some potatoes!
India has developed an enviable capacity in cold storage, the largest in the world. Yet, despite this, where does our cold-chain fail our fresh produce supply system?
The American Cancer Society (ACS) guidelines for a healthy diet mimic what is easily achievable as a part of an Indian diet. Recommendations emphasise plant-based foods with at least two-and-a-half cups of vegetable and fruits daily while limiting the intake of red meat (pork, lamb) or processed meats (hot dogs, sausages). The "good" news is that traditional Indian diets already incorporate the elements that the ACS recommends, a plant-based diet that is fibre rich.
It's almost time to bid farewell to this year. It's time for a reality check! Did you stick to the health resolutions you made last year? Kudos to you if you did! But don't lose heart if you fell off the wagon. The following lifestyle tips will ensure that you have a happy, healthy, stress-free and successful life for years to come.
Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable business. There is a litany of conditions you can develop before your child is born - most merely troublesome, but some, dangerous. If you know what to watch for, and how to address it, you can have a much more relaxed and comfortable nine months.