How does it feel to watch a highly touted film with more than a 100 cuts? Does the impact of a critically acclaimed social drama stay intact? After all, director Abhishek Chaubey clearly said, "It definitely means loss of revenue if the film is not released in Pakistan. But more than that... it would make no sense to release it with the said cuts."
Udta Punjab explores the situation but doesn't delve deeper into the addict's point of view. It explores more of the Punjab and less of why is it "Udta", and what makes the "kanjar aulaad" resort to doing drugs.
Udta Punjab is an eye-opening account of how the ongoing drug crisis in Punjab is consuming the mind, body and soul of the state's youth. It's enough to make your blood boil and your eyes wet. The movie presents a kaleidoscopic account of how drugs enter the border state via Pakistan. How the ruthless drug lords operate under the aegis of the state machinery. How easily youngsters get sucked into the maw of darkness, choosing to live in drug-induced utopias rather than face reality.