domestic violence

As restrictions on mobility foster more tensions in South Asian households, cultural barriers are holding women back from reporting their abusers.
Chairperson Rekha Sharma has said the high numbers can be attributed to the lockdown which has locked the abuser and the victim together.
"For those living in fear with their abusers, the coronavirus has compounded the time that they must spend together."
Even if well-meaning, the Hyderabad Police advisory shows that they are simply taking the easy way out — asking women to live with constant fear. Here’s what women would rather hear from the police.
The actor posted an emotional 14-minute video on her Instagram describing her experience with partner abuse.
Shami's name was restored in the central contract list after a BCCI inquiry cleared him of any wrongdoing.
So, BCCI reportedly wrote to the US Embassy citing Shami’s achievements including participation in multiple World Cups.
The actress, who played Ros on the HBO series for three seasons, opens up about the importance of intimacy coordinators on set.
Twenty-five years after the Violence Against Women Act, some ask if it took the right approach.
Dashrath Devda wants to abolish IPC section 498 and revise the Domestic Violence Act.
On average, a woman tries to leave her partner seven times before she succeeds.
The "Westworld" actress tweeted #IAmNotOK and told fans she had been “desperate to stop the abuse” but “too terrified to leave.”
A U.N. report revealed that 87,000 women were murdered last year, and over half were killed by intimate partners or family members.
The lawyer, a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, was arrested in Los Angeles.
Tatiane Spitzner is seen falling to her death just minutes after her husband, Luís Felipe Manvailer, is caught on camera beating her.
The legislation also makes discrimination against victims illegal, although the country’s National Party objected to the
A psychologist explains why men who advocate for women’s rights can be abusive in their private lives.
The first time my mother called the police on my father, I was 13. He had violently shaken her and had thrown a chair at
Fresh off his Oscar victory, Jordan Peele will tackle one of the most notorious true crimes of the 1990s.  The writer and
Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University team doctor who treated some of America’s best athletes