India’s tourism sector alone is expected to shed 38 million jobs this year. Economists warn the government is not doing enough to save the economy.
The finance minister launched the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana, which she said was to incentivise new employment opportunities in the country.
The East Asian giant is set to be the only G20 country to have a growing economy this year.
Millions of people are being pushed into poverty by Covid-19, but that hasn't stopped the wealthiest people in the world raking it in.
"Politics of division is an antithesis of what needs to be done. Modi has tried to divide your country, " the economist said.
Some of the most biting commentary on major news events in recent times has comes from India's political cartoonists.
Indigenous groups have condemned the proposal, slamming it as showing "total disregard" for their rights.
The economic contraction and health crises have affected everything from education to jobs, presenting Chief Ministers such as Jagan with an unprecedented challenge.
The numbers will likely get worse once there are estimates of the damage in the informal sector, Rajan said.
Economists had predicted a huge shrink even as the GDP growth had slowed down to 3.1% in January-March quarter.
Centre has given two options to states under which they can borrow from the market to meet the shortfall in GST revenues.
The central bank said both the central and state governments have much “less fiscal space” to deal with COVID-19 than what was available during the global financial crisis.
The blast put three hospitals out of operation and has left three others working at partial capacity in the middle of a pandemic.
As the Ram Mandir ceremony in Ayodhya begins, rising coronavirus cases, the situation in Kashmir and a tanking economy should have all of us worried.
India’s rejection of the Belt and Road may have triggered the Doklam standoff in 2017, says Bruno Macaes, author of 'Belt and Road: A Chinese World Order'.
JNU professor Biswajit Dhar explains how India can reduce its dependence on China and if 'Boycott China' will have any impact on the country's economy.
Rajiv Nath, chairman of AiMED, an association of Indian medical equipment manufacturers explains why it's difficult for them to compete with China.
Poorvi Chothani, managing partner at global immigration law firm LawQuest, explains the impact of the order on different categories of visa holders.
Output of eight infrastructure sectors contracted by 38.1% in April.
Economists expect the fiscal year that began in April will see the worst economic contraction in four decades.