Experts highlight that the booklet, released by Prakash Javadekar, speaks against the principle of coexistence and talks about “restricting elephants in their natural habitats.”
Can conservationists abandon the colonial baggage of the “innocent” animal and the “cruel native”?
Hours before and after the arrest was made, tweets containing two Muslim names and filled with anti-Muslim hate were circulated on Twitter.
Many people are now using the incident to propagate anti-Muslim hate. It started with a comment by BJP MP Maneka Gandhi.
You can stream the Duchess of Sussex's new movie on April 3.
Last year, the ban on Ramachandran, ahead of Thrissur Pooram, one of Kerala’s biggest festivals, had led to uproar and protests by the state’s elephant owners association.
An expert panel noted that the project could lead to an increase in human-elephant conflict in the area.
A pilot project to reduce India’s elephant population may soon be rolled out, and many wildlife experts are concerned.
Thechikottukavu Ramachandran was allowed to participate in a ritual of the Thrissur Pooram after protests by elephant owners in Kerala.