facial recognition

Facial recognition software and simple crowdsourcing for information can be used to identify people at protests.
Not just criminals, but the faces of ordinary citizens were at risk, as CopsEye, a phone-based facial recognition application deployed by the Madurai police did not properly secure its database.
The new DigiYatra service may make air travel more efficient, but it could also be a privacy disaster. Here’s what it’s like to actually use it.
The government wants to use automated facial recognition technology to track criminals, identify suspects, or find missing persons. Here’s why it should think twice before it does so.
The efficiency introduced by Digi Yatra makes a strong business case, but significantly undermines privacy and autonomy. Ultimately, it is not worth shorter queues and slightly less time spent at airports.
SC made it impossible for the electronic payments industry to use the Aadhar data for customer onboarding.