The actor’s letter asking Punjab CM Amarinder Singh to clear the railway tracks in the state has infuriated protesting farmers, who say the MP is parroting the BJP’s line.
Walter J. Lindner explains why German biofuel companies are hesitant to enter the Indian market.
Farmer representatives say the Modi government has suspended the railways to put pressure on agitating groups to call off their protests.
Farmers protests in Punjab, marked by burning of effigies, didn’t just take place on Dussehra day.
Congress and other Opposition parties also voiced support for the protest.
While the bills have led to massive protests in Punjab and Haryana, some Maharashtra farm leaders have actually welcomed them, while a few politicians seem to be playing it safe.
Higher government spending in agriculture, and not the much touted reform measures, is central to any hope for economic revival in India, believes TISS Professor and economist R Ramakumar.
On Tuesday morning while deputy chairman Harivansh offered tea to the protesting MPs, they refused, so now he is going on a one-day fast.
The image shared by the news agency reminded cinephiles of a scene from Dibakar Banerjee's 'Khosla Ka Ghosla'
Over 1 lakh farmers in Maharashtra have filed complaints claiming poor quality seeds had destroyed their soybean crop.
ICICI Prudential is already facing an police investigation into similar misselling practices in Rajasthan.
The finance minister announced nine more steps as part of the economic package.
The BJP and its ally Shiv Sena are currently at loggerheads over sharing of power in the new government
Rajnath Singh said most suicides by farmers took place before the BJP-led government came to power.
India is still recovering from a drought last year that ravaged crops, killed livestock, emptied reservoirs and drained water supplies to city dwellers.
Punjab's canals are overflowing with water right now but farmers don't have the infrastructure to use any, so they're using rapidly depleting groundwater instead.
Fraudulent NGOs set up by BJP and Shiv Sena workers are siphoning off drought-relief funds meant for cattle camps. The NGOs could be stealing upto Rs 14 lakh per day from the state government.
Monsoon rains have been 44% lower-than-average so far in June, delaying the sowing of summer-sown crops and raising concerns that parts of the country could face a worsening drought.
The European Union asked India to explain how Modi proposed to spend Rs 25 trillion rupees on agriculture and rural development, doubling farmers' incomes by 2022.
"A promise made done," he wrote on his blog.