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The Delhi HC cited the example of Princess Diana to illustrate the harm media interference can cause in the lives of public figures.
At 85, the octogenarian is still ‘putting a project’ together but what does he feel about the disappearance of the working-class protagonist from our screens?
In this interview from September 2019 Rajput, who died on June 14 2020, spoke of how he survived as an "outsider" on Bollywood's notoriously nepotistic sets.
Going by recent trends, it works better than ‘Make in Switzerland.’
Nidhhi Agerwal is currently scouting for an actor-friendly housing complex in Mumbai.
He also said everything from theft to drug abuse will decrease because of demonetisation.
"Government is open to making necessary changes. Cinematograph Act came in 1952 and film certification has to be done under that Act."