Rains in Hyderabad have killed at least 50, caused damages worth Rs 5,000 crore.
Activists and experts state that what caused the severity of floods this year was a combination of natural and man-made factors.
The Assam floods have affected 33 lakh people have been affected across 28 districts
Over 250 families were affected when the bund was damaged and it flooded the area.
A regional council member in the Italian city pointed out the sad irony in a Facebook post.
Several Twitter users have lashed out at the Bihar government over the lack of a proper drainage system.
Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has blamed the flood on the unscheduled release of water from the Bhakra dam, and asked the Centre for a special package worth Rs 1000 crore.
The sudden surge in water levels in the Bhakra Dam was last seen in the devastating floods of 1988, official said.
Warrier was in the state to shoot for director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan's new film.
The Delhi government on Sunday sounded a flood alert for the city and asked people living in low-lying areas to move to safer places.