At Bishop's School in Pune, I initially felt like an outcast. It was truly an urban, cosmopolitan institution and had a diverse assembly of boys... Miss Fonseca was my favourite teacher and, I must confess, my first crush. She taught us music. I ensured that I stood in the front row and sang louder than others to demonstrate my enthusiasm.
All political parties are trying to grapple with this demanding, confounding creature -- the middle-class millennial. When PM Narendra Modi mocks MNREGA allocations on live TV in Parliament, he is essentially talking to them. Modi wants young urban India to believe that budgetary allocations for the poor, contemptuously dismissed as doles, are a classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. He has succeeded in selling this distorted economic philosophy. But for how long?
My sincere request to those people behind this meaningless reconversion drive is this: first and foremost, do some introspection and check if you have remained true Hindus in your actions, in your mind and heart.
The RSS calls reverse conversion as Ghar Wapsi. Have the VHP and Bajrang Dal activists followed the due provisions of anti-conversion law or have they violated the law? Would the chief minister of Chattisgarh, where the so-called Ghar Wapsi has taken place, please come forward and say that he has acted as per the law of land?