Ghulam Ali Concert Mumbai

ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan has expressed concern over campaign against prominent Pakistani personalities in India by a "fundamentalist
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Mumbai - After Shiv Sena scuttled plans of his concert here, Maharashtra Congress invited Pakistani Ghazal maestro Ghulam
28 September, 2015: Spurred by WhatsApp images of an animal's remains, a mob of angry Hindu men storm a Muslim man's house
Well, friends, the fact is that this rising intolerance has now descended into goondaism of the worst kind. One day, it leads to a man being lynched to death in Dadri, the next day a concert being cancelled in Mumbai: the mindset of using muscle power to impose a religious agenda under the guise of spurious 'nationalism' is much the same. And we stay quiet because we are too scared to speak.
NEW DELHI -- The Arvind Kejriwal government today invited Pakistani singer Ghulam Ali to perform in the national capital
MUMBAI -- Pakistan's renowned ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali will not perform in Maharashtra this week, as his shows were cancelled