Gully Boy

From Almodóvar to Akhtar, Bhardwaj lists out the films that he most liked this year.
The director spoke to HuffPost about her favourite literary adaptations and also addressed the controversy around Gully Boy's Oscar selection.
No Indian film has ever won an Oscar. The last film from India that made it to the final five in the Best Foreign Film category list was Ashutosh Gowariker’s “Lagaan” in 2001.
'Gully Boy', 'Article 15' and the rest of our favourites.
Both the Congress and the BJP have been using music to woo voters, and rap seems to be their No. 1 choice.
The central tension of 'Gully Boy' is that it actually wants to be a different film from the one it eventually becomes.
The filmmaker opens up about Gully Boy's class politics, genius writing, and how she extracted those performances.
Akhtar confirmed that Singh’s face had indeed been darkened, but apparently only because he had a tan when he began shooting.