Harvey Weinstein

The core group of women journalists — regulars at the Manhattan courthouse — who reported on the Weinstein rape trial.
Once a powerful Hollywood mogul, Weinstein was forced to face his accusers in open court and hear their stories of assault.
Jessica Mann entered into a consensual sexual relationship with Harvey Weinstein after he allegedly raped her. Experts tell HuffPost her allegations can still be completely valid.
A sixth woman accusing the former producer of sexual assault testified in order to help prosecutors paint him as a serial abuser.
"The more Harvey Weinstein intimidated us, the more we wanted to publish the truth," New York Times reporter Megan Twohey told HuffPost Brazil.
Jessica Mann also described the disgraced film executive's body and hygiene, calling him "deformed" and "dirty."
She says the former Hollywood producer raped her in the early 1990s.
Weinstein’s lawyer will likely try to use these messages to discredit the accusers. But contacting an abuser is common survivor behavior.
The model reportedly told the judge that she had met the defendant, but said she could be fair and impartial.
Three witnesses who allege that Weinstein assaulted them — but who aren't part of the case — could land the movie mogul behind bars.