himachal pradesh

Workers walking from Himachal Pradesh are often forced to put themselves in danger by entering unknown terrains to circumvent sealed borders and escape policemen.
Tax incentives once jump-started factories in Himachal Pradesh. As tax breaks lapse after 17 years, the factories are moving elsewhere.
Poor nutrition and low child survival rate have pushed certain states to the bottom of the index.
The sudden surge in water levels in the Bhakra Dam was last seen in the devastating floods of 1988, official said.
Warrier was in the state to shoot for director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan's new film.
The bodies of seven Army personnel and a civilian have been extricated so far from the debris, officials said.
It seems that overloading and negligent driving may have caused the accident, Banjar Patwari Sheetal Kumar said.
Negi still vividly remembers how he became India’s first voter.
The students from IIT Roorkee had gonne trekking in the Lahaul-Spiti district and were said to be missing.
"Because of the way that this study has been conducted, they have ended up with a misguided result."