While I read English fiction to become better at writing, the story-in-Hindi sucked me in, leaving no time to pay attention to specific phrases and sentences.
National sectretary H Raja claimed she was lying after a CISF personnel at an airport asked if Kanimozhi was India when she said she doesn't speak Hindi.
Announcement in Malayalam could have saved lives, a passenger told The New York Times.
I was Indian to some, “whitewashed” to others, and all of it left me tongue-tied.
When political leaders want India to have one “common language”, the act of translation is more important than ever.
The BJP's latest push to promote Hindi makes this a good time to revisit the numbers around this contentious issue.
Shah had pitched for Hindi as a common language for the country, reigniting the debate on the issue.
The actor-turned politician attacked the Modi government saying now it was constrained to prove that India was a free country.
Amit Shah had on Saturday reignited the debate on Hindi after he said it was the only language that could unite the country because it was spoken the most.
Throughout the episode, Modi spoke in Hindi while Bear Grylls spoke in English and it left an overwhelming number of viewers with one question.