Hindu nationalism

The author of Holy Science: The Biopolitics of Hindutva explains how a term first coined by Michel Foucault helps us understand Hindu nationalism in India.
Asking RSS to not be communal is like asking the Pope to be protestant, the writer said in an interview with Huffpost India ahead of the release of his new book ’RSS: A Menace To India’.
"To question my commitment to my country, while not questioning non-Hindu leaders, creates a double standard that can only be rooted in one thing: ‘religious bigotry’. I am Hindu and they are not,” Gabbard said.
Inside the world of RSS schools and its Muslim students.
Exchange occupations to topple caste structures in society. Let the religious institutions and other spaces of power be overtaken by those usually at the receiving end. Let the “humiliating” jobs be taken by the Brahmins and other allied castes. This experience will help drive in an understanding of the brunt of being in a caste Hindu society.
The Independent's decision to revert to using Bombay had nothing to do with British colonialism. It was driven by its India-born editor's stand on the political issues prevailing in the country of his birth. This is a remarkable development. An individual has attempted to reverse a sequence of events that the British government did not interfere with! It is also interesting to note that Mr Rajan has chosen to remain silent about his city of birth, Calcutta, which was renamed Kolkata.