Some people are visiting their burnt out homes to assess the damage
"When Sangh says Hindu, it includes those who believe India is their motherland, love India, its people, water, land, animals and forests," Bhagwat said.
Constitutional expert Faizan Mustafa explains how the controversial bill violates the basic structure of the Indian constitution and will hurt even the Hindu refugees the BJP claims it wants to help.
No one 'HuffPost India' spoke to in Rajouri in Jammu Division dared to criticise, question or express an opinion against the Modi government's stand on the Kashmir issue.
Muslims mobs resorted to violence after Facebook post by Hindu boy allegedly insulted a religious site.
A 10-year-old was killed and five others injured in the violence that followed. 
He has stoked another controversy with his comments.
"We came to know from media reports that she supports eating beef. It is against our culture and traditions."
"This belief followed by Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is highly appreciated."
“If there are celebrations surrounding Rama, there can also be celebrations around Rahim."
The National Assembly had unanimously passed it on 10 March. 
At a vigil on the steps of the United States Capitol on Friday, Indian-American activists, politicians and their allies gathered
The formula of consolidating Hindu support and votes has worked well for BJP.
The law was passed after a lengthy process of enactment.
"Minorities in India are flourishing unlike some countries around. "
"Muslims may have different way of performing prayers, but their nationality is Hindu."