"I love you, brother," Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo, responds to Stamos in a tweet the day the beloved "Full House" TV dad was laid to rest in Los Angeles.
As the Golden Globes slip into irrelevancy, the Screen Actors Guild Awards are bringing some much-needed awards season momentum.
With no stars, host or red carpet, this year's ceremony looked much different than usual.
“We’re going to rebuild and reset and come back in a way that honors our mandate, incorporates the voices of our critics, learns from our findings," Ashley Judd said.
One person identified a few of the unusual items to take the unofficial crown.
The actor credits Sofia Coppola with giving her the confidence at 19 to stand up to a “Spider-Man” executive.
One agreement passed in an Electoral College-style voting system even though a majority of workers voted against it.
Alec Baldwin suggested that police officers should be on film sets to prevent gun accidents during action scenes.
The actor, writer and director talks about building her creative career and the many turns it has taken over the past two decades.
The untitled book will include the Oscar-winning actor’s thoughts on acting, directing, his 50-year marriage to Joanne Woodward, drinking, politics and racing.
The "13 Minutes" star called herself "patient zero in cancel culture."
The union called it a "Hollywood ending" on Saturday, though workers still need to ratify the agreement with studios.
Matthew Loeb, president of the IATSE union, says film and TV crews are burnt out on long days and no rest — and the streaming era has made it worse.
The union representing behind-the-scenes workers on film sets says the studios haven’t shown “any sense of urgency” in contract negotiations.
The entertainment awards show was dropped by NBC for at least a year over the HFPA's stunning lack of diversity.
"Being on this pavement surrounded by all of these legends makes me a very, very, very happy man," the James Bond star said.
"Representation matters," the comedian said, arguing that roles playing Jewish women rarely go to Jews.
Almost 99% of union members approved of striking if they don't make progress on a contract, threatening to shut down TV and film production.
The behind-the-scenes workers on film and TV sets say they barely have time to sleep: "We want a quality of life that's worth living."