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The Shabana Azmi film tries to explore the idea of women perpetuating patriarchal violence, but gives up midway.
The success of 'Bulbbul' tells us that Indian horror is at its most potent when it explores the indigenous instead of mimicking the Western aesthetic of the genre. Here are the films that got it right.
Oh, right. Because she's a woman. Case in point: "The Invisible Man."
Unnerving, atmospheric and well-performed, 'Bhoot' delivers on the spooks and is fairly scary, compared to Hindi horror films.
We have the perfect list for you if you're a horror movie buff.
Most admitted this aspect of the film stole the show.
The story of the real Hands Across America, homages to “The Shining” and “Jaws,” and the dark duality of Michael Jackson shape Jordan Peele’s twisted tale.
We’re far from the shallow now. Just ask Paddington.
“I knew it was going to be divisive in many respects, but I’ll admit that I’ve been surprised by just how deeply some viewers hate the thing.”