Rains in Hyderabad have killed at least 50, caused damages worth Rs 5,000 crore.
The 50-year-old woman had no history of foreign travel and police haven’t yet established a direct link with the Nizamuddin cluster.
19 of 25 doctors quarantined after coming in contact with a baby with COVID-19 have tested negative.
The laid-off techies, one of whom is 5 months pregnant, are feared to be among the victims of an anticipated national slowdown and global recession.
A notice sent to Hyderabad resident Mohd Sattar Khan clearly states he needs to bring documents to “prove all your claims of citizenship” during a hearing for the validity of his Aadhaar.
Four years after her son’s death, as India’s university students across the country rise up once more, Radhika Vemula has become a symbol of inspiration and resistance.
In Hyderabad, some protesters say it is impossible to secure police permission to hold demonstrations, forcing them to adopt new tactics to show dissent.
The enquiry will be headed by former SC judge Justice VS Sirpurkar.
Sociologists warn against reading the reaction to the encounter killing of the four rape accused men as a 'universal acceptance of extrajudicial killings', but irresponsible media coverage and bloodthirsty public figures are making the situation worse.
The Court order came after it admitted a writ petition filed by a group of concerned women activists and human rights organisations who alleged that the encounter killing was “extrajudicial” in nature.