Facebook allegedly accomplished this through its “Tag Suggestions” feature.
A security flaw in the ECI website put at risk not just the electoral roll, but all the other information gathered about voters as well—potentially putting the personal information of every Indian at risk.
After many delays, the government is finally set to bring forth the Personal Data Protection Bill, and although it’s not made any announcements yet, some reports have part of the information.
The CEO of Spoyl was alerted of a bug that allowed people to access any users profile in May, but only patched the vulnerability last week.
As India works out regulation around data protection and localisation, Barry Cook, Privacy and Group Data Protection Officer for VFS Global sounds a note of caution.
How do you improve a system that has to deal with trillions of queries a day? You get thousands of tech workers to rate searches and evaluate the results it throws up.
While we talk about big tech scooping up personal data from users, we’ve been tracked offline for decades through loyalty programs and reward points.
A study showed more than 1,000 applications gathering your data, even when permissions are explicitly denied.
Excessive app permissions are all over Android, and since the companies aren’t doing enough, it’s up to us to be careful.
Protecting your privacy online may seem like a battle you’ve already lost, but take heart. There are steps you can take to minimize harm.
Booking a bus in UP meant putting your mobile phone number, email ID, date of birth, and much more information at risk thanks to a vulnerability in the UPSRTC website.
Tinder will have to cooperate with Russian authorities or face being completely blocked in the country.
From Uber to Amazon, big tech companies are constantly gathering user data to better understand what we want, but they don't want to hear what we have to say.
The app, launched just months ago, is gathering data from millions of voters to build up political profiles with detailed information that could be of great use to political parties.
With an increase in data collected from devices, the consumers should be able to gain maximum value from their digital footprint.
Around 6.79 million customers have been affected by the leak, estimated cyber security researcher Elliot Alderson.
A lack of awareness about cybersecurity meant that some of the biggest diamond traders in India were leaking financial data in real-time.
Social media war rooms, WhatsApp groups, gathering and processing data, booth management and cadre training. Congress took a leaf out of the BJP’s strategy to pull off a win in Rajasthan, but the ruling party’s data prowess is still formidable.
Password management company SplashData said it compiled its list of the 100 worst passwords after analysing over 5 million passwords leaked on the internet.