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I-T officials are also conducting searches in over 20 locations related to the AGS Group, which produced 'Bigil'.
A day after announcing the budget, Sitharaman said in an interview that the proposed new tax regime "lacks clarity".
The Income Tax unit is handling a number of high-profile cases.
In a statement shared with HuffPost India, Novel Lavasa, wife of Ashok Lavasa, says she has paid all Income Tax that was due to her.
The Central Board of Direct Taxes warned taxpayers against believing a fake circular doing the rounds on social media.
We break down the financial pain that will hit you immediately – and what will come after.
The tax department said said some taxpayers were finding it hard to file their returns due to various reasons including extension of due date for issue of Form 16.
The taxman will hold camps to help taxpayers in e-filing of their returns and this “hand-holding” will be done to enable them to understand the recent changes in the forms, a policy plan accessed by PTI stated.
Nath's aide has alleged the searches were carried out at BJP’s insistence and were “aimed at maligning the image of the Congress during elections”.
People with gross income up to Rs 6.5 lakh per annum also don't have to pay tax if they have enough investments.
The tax department found red flags in Modi's financial dealings eight months before news of the PNB scam broke.
The value of the attached properties could not be ascertained immediately.
Switzerland is part of the global framework for automatic exchange of tax information. 
It is that time of the year and the due date (31 July) for filing income tax return is approaching. Here is a quick checklist
The I-T department's e-filing website has hosted a new link on its homepage to link the two unique identities.
'This is not the time, farmers are under distress'
The Chief Economic Advirser said there is a need to distinguish between rich and poor farmers.