India Ecommerce

Today, there is a virtual war going on between hundreds and thousands of e-commerce stores that are fighting to attract more customers, sales and subsequently profits. However, many of these businesses fail to build their most important weapon - customer satisfaction and loyalty.
I recently read an article describing India's unprecedented e-commerce growth as a "primed-up athlete finally hitting his full stride." But is India sitting on the cusp of an e-commerce bubble or will the growth multiply? If the truth be told, e-commerce has been booming for the past 15 years, but the ecosystem has only now started to fall in place - and this can be substantiated by the following factors.
Launching and running an e-commerce store can be an adventurous as well as daunting journey. It's filled with landmines which should be avoided right from the beginning. Avoid these common mistakes and you'll be among the lucky few whose startups touch success.
By going app-only, Flipkart will shoot two birds with a single arrow. It will cut infrastructure costs (not sales) and expand its market to cover all of India, eventually beating Amazon. Here's how.