The flamboyant all-rounder said that the reason behind the absence of Pakistani players in the IPL is not cricketing.
Dhoni, who has not played a competitive game since the World Cup semifinal in July, was preparing to make a comeback with IPL, which is now unlikely to take place due to Corona pandemic.
The NC also sought to declare the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, 2019 as “unconstitutional”
The indefinite 24-hour curfew was briefly eased on Friday for weekly Muslim prayers in some parts of Srinagar
The changes related to article 370 are within the framework of the Indian Constitution, says Russian foreign ministry
On Friday, Pakistan’s Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced in Islamabad that this would be the last Jodhpur-Karachi train
The bus service was first started in February 1999 but suspended after the 2001 Parliament attack. It was restarted in July 2003.
Traces of Umberto Eco meet the hallowed traditions of South American magical realism in Numair Choudhury's novel Babu Bangladesh!
In Kashmir, troops on Sunday shot dead two militants after a three-day gun battle that also killed five security force personnel, taking the total death toll to 25 in the past two weeks
For the last two days, Abhinandan has been undergoing medical treatment at a military hospital
No case has been filed despite the incident happening in presence of a police constable and college authorities
“These hate crimes are alienating those who believe in the idea of India.”
Following the attacks, the official body responsible for registering movie names saw a sizeable spike in titles around Pulwama and Balakot.
SRINAGAR, INDIA: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated on Saturday a hydroelectric power plant in the state of
India said Pakistani soldiers had breached the truce over a 100 times in January alone.
Lord Louis Mountbatten, viceroy of India, met with Indian leaders to discuss partition. Max Desfors/APAdil Najam, Boston
Saad Mohammad Al-Husainy, a student in Birmingham, marries Colette O'Neill in 1954. Photograph courtesy of Sùna Al-Husainy
It means striking at the root of the hate.
Pakistan’s noxious Afghan Policy is a major stumbling block...
I will always love the land of my birth, Pakistan, but my soul is truly yours.