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'Al-Jazeera' said Biden-Harris administration would not look away from human rights issues and 'The Wall Street Journal' also noted Biden will "probably be tougher than Trump on Indian human-rights problems".
As Modi and Trump smile and wave over the next two days, Kashish Parpiani of the Observer Research Foundation explains the harsh fallout of American conservatism for India.
He was among 20 US biz bigwigs who met Modi. 
President Trump’s signals on his priorities have caused some confusion in India.
'It is in the best interest of the two countries'.
'It's a bilateral issue between two countries'
"All the meetings were very warm, very positive, very constructive."
"We have said that it is only after we verify the details, can we issue an emergency certificate for their deportation."
"Uri was a clear case of cross-border terrorism. We condemned this act of terrorism."
The US has been playing a lead role in supporting India's bid in the 48-member elite group.
A Chinese daily, Global Times, has strongly defended China’s opposition to India’s failed bid to become a member of the Nuclear
The US is "disappointed" that India was not admitted to NSG during its recent plenary in Seoul, US Ambassador to India Richard
A foreign policy assessment based on a two-year report card might be tempting but it can also be hugely challenging. Assessments of achievement are based essentially on three criteria: Has there been a foreign policy gain? Has a crisis been handled successfully? Has a long-standing conflict been resolved? Let us consider each of these.
The important parallels between Indian and US national interests will keep pushing the two countries forward, although it will occasionally be a rocky ride. Two recommendations could help the two countries come closer to the potential for this important relationship.
India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama agreed to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate change while announcing strong measures to fight ozone layer depletion and to promote clean energy in India.
A petition to the White House in order to get justice for the Bhopal gas tragedy victims has garnered over 58,000 signatures