Indian Muslims

The victim alleged that Ali used to beat her for dowry and also threw her out of the house.
This land we love so much that when we die we bury ourselves in it.
After nearly seven decades of an onerous struggle, India as a nation knows well that you pay dearly for being a perennial laggard; on the other hand, the incentives of integrating with a globalised world are immense, and one need only look at the rise of the Asian tigers to confirm this undeniable fact. Unfortunately, the Muslims of India are stuck with an anachronistic world view, still unable to overcome the stranglehold orthodoxy.
Today when one witnesses Muslim youths raised in liberal, democratic and multicultural Europe falling prey to Jihadi ideology, it arouses fears that the same or worse may happen in India - after all, we have a huge Muslim population and they also on average are less educated and more religious than their brethren in Europe. Yet, accounts of Indians joining ISIS are few and far between.