indian railways

S. Yuvarajaa and his Super Tatkal app are unfortunate case studies of what happens when local entrepreneurs without powerful backers crash into India’s famously prickly bureaucracy.
Farmer representatives say the Modi government has suspended the railways to put pressure on agitating groups to call off their protests.
Journeys that were supposed to be a couple of days long at the most are being stretched without notice, leaving people without food and water at the peak of summer.
With 963 COVID-19 cases confirmed, Kerala now has 412 patients under treatment and over one lakh under observation.
While Congress has offered to bear the cost of the tickets, BJP leaders claim the centre will pay 85% of the fare and states will pay 15%.
The railways SOP for Shramik Special trains said the trains will ply only if they have 90 per cent occupancy.
IRCTC’s response was hailed on Twitter, but although the initial complaint might have been unreasonable, the rail ticket booking agency’s response wasn’t much better.
A stone was hurled at the Vande Bharat Express, the third such incident in two months involving India’s fastest train.
The train is scheduled to be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 29 December.
Some of the foot-overbridges were found to be weak.