internet shutdown

Amid the longest ever internet shutdown in a democracy, VK Saraswat said "What difference does it make if there’s no internet in Kashmir?"
The home department said additional 400 internet kiosks will be established in Kashmir division.
Kashmir has now spent 159 days without proper Internet. The Supreme Court has side-stepped the whole point of the petitions to restore services, lawyers said.
The SC verdict did not lift any order but said all restrictive orders, including the internet shutdown, in Jammu and Kashmir have to be published and reviewed within a week.
India imposed Internet restrictions more often than any other country in 2019, with over 100 shutdowns documented, according to a new report by Top10VPN.
People congregate every year at the ‘Jay Stambh’ (victory pillar) near Koregaon Bhima village to offer tributes on the anniversary of the battle.
Service shutdowns cost Indian cellular providers upto Rs 2.45 crore per hour, the COAI estimates
Despite violent police action and company rules, many tech workers are showing up to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act.
The Delhi Police Special Cell had directed that voice, SMS and internet services be stopped in certain areas of Delhi on Thursday.
Among other things, the order is resonating beyond Assam as it came on a day when mobile internet was shutdown in parts of central Delhi where protests were being held against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act.