The court is hearing a petition against the ban imposed on sale of meat during 'Paryushan' in Mumbai since 2015. 
"It is my ego that led me into speaking without thinking and unintentionally saying something that has caused unhappiness  to my Jain friends."
I was lucky that in my time spent with Jain monks, they did give me their attention. It was interesting to sit with them and see how my journey and theirs had so many parallels. We both had left our societal ties and commercial world in the pursuit of something greater. We had walked barefoot for countless miles, eating our meals between sunrise and sunset. But there was one drastic difference.
The problem with the saffron fringe is that it does not understand the gravity and the importance of the situation. Here is the greatest opportunity for a right wing leader - Narendra Modi - to emerge as one of the finest statesmen of India since Jawaharlal Nehru, but his own supporters are slaughtering his chances with their cow politics.
Bhanwarlal Raghunath Doshi borrowed the princely sum of Rs 30,000 from his father in the late 70s to start his own plastic