Jolly Joseph

Jolly is accused of murdering six members of her family, including her husband.
The parish priest at the Koodathayi church talks about Jolly Joseph, accused of murdering 6 family members, and the Thomas family.
Jolly's brother Nobi spoke to HuffPost India, his first interview to the media since his sister’s arrest on October 5.
Doubts raised over a will led to a family dispute over property. And then it snowballed into a major murder probe.
Details revealed by the police so far suggest the investigation into the Koodathayi murders is primarily centred around suspicion, circumstantial evidence, and the confessions of Joseph and two other accused.
Joseph, accused of killing six family members by feeding them cyanide, is being represented by notorious criminal lawyer B.A. Aloor.
Hospital authorities said Shaju Skaria, the husband of prime accused Jolly, “vociferously refused” a postmortem into the death of his first wife Sily in 2016. Shaju and Jolly married months later.