A review of two recent CIC orders and interviews with activists show that in Kashmir, an existing RTI system that ensured relatively quicker access to information for local residents has been replaced by a slower process riddled with red tape.
Kashmiris, living near the Line of Control, bear the brunt of the growing hostilities between India and Pakistan.
The property of former Delhi Minority Commission chief Zafarul Islam Khan has also been raided.
Premises of the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons's chairperson, NGO Athrout and Greater Kashmir Trust were among 10 locations searched by the NIA today.
Anuradha Bhasin said the government stopped ads to her paper after her Supreme Court petition against the media blackout when Article 370 was abrogated.
“I was awake most of that night, haunted by the physical assault and their abuse,” Javeed wrote of his experience.
National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah has slammed the government, asking how the students will study without 4G.