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Both the Citizenship Amendment Act and Transgender Persons Act make our already precarious lives even more difficult.
A mainstream Bollywood star like Ayushmann Khurrana playing a gay man in a typical ‘masala’ love story format is like a dream come true.
The year since the Supreme Court’s order has seen many more stories of people ‘coming out’, but they sit side by side with accounts of marginalisation and alienation.
In his memoir, Tejuja writes how books, from classics to comics, helped him forget the bullying at school.
Despite decriminalising gay sex last year, India is yet to grant LGBTQ couples the rights that heteronormative citizens take for granted.
"You don’t have to be relegated to the sidelines, to the niche or to the fringe, but you can be mainstream."
Someday, this Sonam Kapoor film will be a cult film in Bollywood’s history.
People in love are forcing a national reckoning on same-sex marriage in India.