Here's how you can achieve a 'change of scene', even when we're going nowhere.
India’s tourism sector alone is expected to shed 38 million jobs this year. Economists warn the government is not doing enough to save the economy.
The festival of light has a message of new beginnings we could all do with right now.
96% of Lady Shri Ram College students said the coronavirus pandemic and online classes had affected their physical and mental health, according to a survey conducted by the students’ union.
Aishwarya Reddy, the daughter of a tailor and a mechanic, had won the Science Ministry’s INSPIRE scholarship meant to support young women studying the sciences.
JP Nadda referred to the US election and said one allegation against Donald Trump is that he could not handle Covid-19 properly.
It is impossible to wipe off COVID-19 transmission through a lockdown as the virus has spread through the community, said Jain in a press conference with journalists.
Reports said that several districts in West Bengal had seen a rise in death toll and positivity rate.
Sarath Guttikunda, the founder-director of UrbanEmissions.Info, said cities need is to stop looking at band-aid solutions and start looking at long-term solutions.
From friendly chats and cosplay to all out fetishes, porn stars have never been closer to their viewers.