Modi's call for love and brotherhood at the Ayodhya ceremony seems to have had no effect on his own supporters.
The opposition BJP is creating trouble for the Maha Vikas Aghadi over the Palghar incident as well as Thackeray’s nomination to the Maharashtra upper House by the governor.
While many MPs talked for stricter laws and the need to fast-track rape cases, several MPs openly bayed for blood in the Parliament on Monday.
A single bench of Justice Pankaj Bhandari said there is no evidence to show that the cows were being transported for the purpose of slaughtering.
The annual crime data for 2017 was released after a delay of more than a year.
“Lynching itself is a western construct and one shouldn’t use it in the Indian context to defame the country,” Mohan Bhagwat said.
Khan was lynched by cow vigilantes in April 2017.
The Supreme Court has directed the Centre to respond to allegations that it had not implemented directions issued last year to curb lynching.
“They were beaten to death by the villagers in a fit of rage,” the police told ANI.