mahesh sharma

Villagers in Greater Noida alleged that during a stand off with a realty group, no one from the elected government came to help them.
He cracked a classist joke at a residents' meet at Mahagun Moderne.
It has been applied on three-fourths of the structure and is "showing results".
He also called the Supreme Court's advice superb.
Current occupant Union Minister Mahesh Sharma will move out of 10, Rajaji Marg.
"We want to clearly state that Mahesh Shah has no relations either with Modi or Amit Shah."
Several bizarre stories pertaining to women have been making the headlines lately. The Haji Ali Dargah Trust while presenting its case in the Bombay High Court to retain the ban on women entering the sanctum sanctorum justified their stance by stating that "women wearing blouses with wide necks bend on the mazaar thus showing their breasts.” In another story, India's Culture Minister reportedly advised foreign women to not wear short skirts or go out alone at night.
People who have been defending Mahesh Sharma's recent comments as merely “cautionary advice” are missing the point. When a Union Minister suggests that tourists should refrain from wearing skirts for their own safety, it sends a dangerous message -- that the onus of not being sexually assaulted lies on the shoulders of the victim.