marital rape

I don’t think that marital rape should be regarded as an offence in India, Misra said.
In India, it is not illegal for a man to rape his wife — but a high court judge said in a ruling this week that it should
This is real life, not a Sooraj Barjatya film for god's sake.
It was replying to a PIL challenging section 375 IPC. 
Note: this post contains some spoilers As a feminist activist who has worked on systemic violence on Indian women for over
Women are victims of rape in India and all over the world, outside of marriage and within. While sanctions applicable to
Feminist activists are continually advocating for a more progressive society, along with a gradual loosening of the shackles of patriarchy. While it might sound extremely easy theoretically, the fruition of the objective seems almost utopic. Some argue that the solution is possible once the mindset of society is changed, but that too is easier said than done. A more achievable and realistic solution to the problem lies in a combination of individual effort, stringent legislation and efficient protection of the statutory rights of women.
The Women and Child Development Ministry unveiled the draft of the National Policy for Women, 2016 today. The draft, which
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Illiteracy, regressive social customs and poverty... Every single one of the reasons cited by Maneka Gandhi to explain why 'the concept of marital rape cannot be suitably applied in the Indian context' are actually good arguments for the government to go ahead and criminalize it.
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According to Maneka Gandhi, marital rapes cannot be considered a crime in India. Her defense: the culture of India, poverty, illiteracy. As someone who teaches women's studies at the university level, and uses interdisciplinary mediums to interpret sex-ratio imbalance in India, for me Gandhi's statement is baseless and uninformed by facts.
Yes, marriage may be an important ceremony for many people but does that mean one must silently tolerate violence within that relationship framework? Wasn't the mindset of society to treat the marriage as a sacrament also the justification for another practice called 'Sati'?