More than anything, what investors hope for from the US election is a clear winner to emerge, even if it takes some time.
The Sensex had plunged 714 points on Monday while the Rupee had plummeted 110 paise.
Luxury exists in most human societies throughout the world but in different forms. Gratisography/Pexels, CC BY-SALéa Barreau
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said Friday India is well-prepared to deal with short and medium-term consequences of Brexit
Markets across Asia were highly volatile on anxiety over the Brexit referendum as the UK voted to leave the EU. Sensex plunged
India’s key benchmark equity index, the BSE Sensex, on Tuesday posted its biggest single-day gain in nearly seven years, zooming
If ghost stories don't scare you anymore, your newspaper will. According to them, we are doomed. The rupee is flirting with 66 to a dollar, onions with Rs 80 to a kg and crude oil with $40 to a barrel. But I'm not scared anymore.
MUMBAI — The BSE Sensex closed at its highest in nearly a month, gaining for the fifth straight session on Thursday, with
The number of companies making open offers fell in 2014, because of a bouyant equity market, a report said today. 61 companies