meat ban

The court is hearing a petition against the ban imposed on sale of meat during 'Paryushan' in Mumbai since 2015. 
Muslims who make 14% of India's population dominate the meat industry. 
The step was taken keeping in view the overall public order, safety and health of the general public.
"We will support Yogi ji in his fight against Pakistan but he fights for gosht, we will raise our voices."
He was speaking at the first visit to his Lok Sabha constituency, Gorakhpur.
Deprived of buffalo meat, zoo animals are becoming restless.
Despite being a Muslim and a non-pork eater for religious, personal and cultural reasons, my point was to give the militants a lesson in respecting and living with people with different faiths, food habits and cultural practices. The attention that my FB post got went beyond anything I had imagined. In addition to exultation, there were three other responses: warnings of danger that could come my way, a certain silence, and dismissals and scathing criticisms that I will answer here.