For once, no one minced their words and schooled naysayers on something that women have been shamed about for a very long time.
Arguing that a period leave will deny women opportunities means unquestioningly accepting a culture crafted by men for the convenience of men.
Experts — as well as men and women who love period sex — share how to make sex during your menstrual cycle more enjoyable.
A Thomson Reuters Foundation expose based on interviews with about 100 women in Tamil Nadu’s multi-billion dollar garment industry found all of them were given unlabelled drugs at work for period pains, and more than half said their health suffered.
Plus, how you can prevent or ease the pain.
Los Angeles-based sex coach Demetra Nyx is reclaiming the power of her period.
The film shows how women often don't buy sanitary pads to avoid unwanted attention from men.
"The Period Game" is geared toward young people of all genders.
The organisers had informed the media that Vijayan would participate in the program Sunday.
The girl was made to sleep in a shed outside her home because she was menstruating.