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Wide-ranging discrepancies in official numbers are indicative of the Modi government's emphasis on managing the public narrative rather than the fallout from the coronavirus crisis.
A list of things the BJP-led central government says it has no data for.
Modi govt was earlier slammed for saying there would be no compensation for death of migrant workers during lockdown since it had not data on it.
As the Ram Mandir ceremony in Ayodhya begins, rising coronavirus cases, the situation in Kashmir and a tanking economy should have all of us worried.
According to an estimate by the NGO Save the Children, about two million children live on the streets across the country. Scrambling to survive on the margins of society, they are shunned, barely make do and may now be exploited because their families are not in a position to pay back loans borrowed by them during the lockdown.
Hundreds of workers have been registered for a financial aid scheme against a single mobile number, sometimes without the phone owner’s knowledge.
National-award-winning director Kireet Khurana on why he made the film and why he picked Taapsee Pannu to voice it.
As industries restart operations, workers say that they are being forced to do more tasks for no extra pay to make up for the shortage of labour.
The Chief Labour Commissioner’s office claims only about 26 lakh migrant workers are stranded but does not reveal any other significant details about them. May face another complaint for not revealing all details.
While Chopra and many Bollywood celebrities have spoken up for 'Black Lives Matter', they remain eerily quiet about pulling up the government in India.
The apex court said all migrant workers who are stranded at various places shall be provided food by concerned states and Union Territories.
Subhash Chandra Garg explains why the Modi government’s “suboptimal” relief package won’t rescue the economy.
Journeys that were supposed to be a couple of days long at the most are being stretched without notice, leaving people without food and water at the peak of summer.
With 963 COVID-19 cases confirmed, Kerala now has 412 patients under treatment and over one lakh under observation.
The West Bengal government said that those arriving from other states will be tested only if they show Covid-19 symptoms
Farzana Afridi of the Indian Statistical Institute on how the government should provide jobs to the migrants who have returned home.
Workers walking from Himachal Pradesh are often forced to put themselves in danger by entering unknown terrains to circumvent sealed borders and escape policemen.
As the state’s tourism industry counts its losses, anxious workers are thronging railway stations and even walking home to north Indian states.
Additional District Magistrate Arun Gupta on working long hours during the coronavirus pandemic, the migrant crisis and media criticism.
Migrant workers, struggling to make their way home, fear months of destitution.