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Anand was different from most children his age. The now eight year old suffers from autism and cerebral palsy. With his development affected, he was unable to walk or even stand by himself. It seemed he was destined to lead a life depending on others -- until V-Excel stepped in. Today, Anand is able to walk on his own. He has also started playing with toys and has even made a few friends! Anand's parents' joy knows no bounds.
Eleven-year-old Deepu went missing in Hoskote, 17km from his own village of Obalapura, Karnataka. He got lost in a crowd and his parents were unable to locate him. When Sarathi Jhalak, the local community radio station got involved, the community rallied together, and Deepu was found by listeners who decided not to ignore the young boy crying by the roadside. But now, Sarathi Jhalak struggles with a lack of funds and has gone off air temporarily.
It has been over two weeks after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake shook Nepal. With a broken economy, displaced citizens and aftershocks, Nepal's return to normalcy is predicted to be slow and hard. However, relief efforts from across the world are helping the Himalayan nation to bounce back.
These are the stories of three inspiring rural Indian mothers, and how they conquered difficulties to set a precedent for progress in their communities.