Muslim women

Race officials told the teen that she needed to have a written waiver in order to compete, even though she'd never been asked for one before.
Muslim women have been intimidated, harassed and kicked out for wearing modest bathing suits across America.
The Supreme Court also sent notices to the National Commission For Women, Central Waqf Council and All India Muslim Personal Law Board over the plea.
The activists have urged Rajya Sabha members to withdraw the bill and redraft it in the interest of Muslim women.
Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, an American Muslim author and the founder of Muslim Girl, told HuffPost that the makeup tutorial caught
When L’Oreal announced it had hired  Amena Khan, a British, hijab-wearing model and beauty blogger, for its latest hair care
They are Muslim majority countries plagued by religious orthodoxy.
In the religiously coloured controversies around personal laws the victims are always women.
More power to her.
COPENHAGEN, Denmark ―Annette Bellaoui remembers the moment well. She was meeting a leading politician in the Danish People’s
Afroz Alam, Maulana Azad National Urdu University In India, if you are a Muslim man, you can divorce your wife via a simple
The situation is particularly threatening for the ulemas who have enjoyed unquestioned authority.
"The court can't say that it is helpless and it cannot step in. It is the guardian of fundamental right."
A Doctor’s Arrest Ripples Through The Community Nagarwala was arrested in April after an FBI investigation revealed that
On the other hand, Merkel said in December that she supports banning Muslims from wearing full-face veils in Germany, “wherever