Nancy Pelosi

"This is not child's play," said the House speaker. "It is unconstitutional."
Several Democratic lawmakers walked out of the president's address, including Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Tim Ryan and Bill Pascrell.
"They have said very blatantly, very clearly, that they intend to be accomplices for misleading the American people, with money from God knows where."
President Donald Trump is expected to be tried over his highly controversial dealings with Ukrainian leadership.
Missive to Nancy Pelosi, on the eve of his expected impeachment, is one of his most unhinged.
The US House speaker's "status" update on the impeachment proceedings followed several weeks of hearings.
There's no actual need for the House to vote to start an impeachment inquiry against US president Donald Trump, but Democrats are going belt-and-suspenders.
The president poked fun at the House intelligence chairman's concerns about not being previously notified of the military raid targeting the now-dead ISIS leader.
The latest news about the president's interaction with a foreign government was the final straw.
Among the lawmakers Trump apparently had in mind, only one isn't a U.S. native.
The chamber's Democratic leadership continues to balk at beginning the process to oust Trump from office.
The House speaker called the redacted report a "grave matter" and described its release as "disrespectfully late."
Her applause of the US president during the State of the Union spawned multiple memes.
The House Speaker's "sarcasm energy" was strong at Tuesday night's State of the Union address.
The US speaker's seemingly sarcastic applause quickly turned into a new meme.
The US president backed down from his vow to go forward as planned after the House speaker said she would not take steps to authorise the speech during the shutdown.
The president and his aides have said he will not budge on his demand for $5.7 billion in funding
The president walked out of a discussion to end the government shutdown Wednesday.
The president addressed the nation from the Oval Office on Tuesday.
Senate Republicans say they won't take up the bill.