National Green Tribunal

A recent order by the National Green Tribunal puts the spotlight back on illegalities in Bihar’s sand mining business and finds the state government guilty of violating environmental norms.
Authorities doubled the evacuation area around the factory to a 5 kilometre radius on Friday.
After the National Green Tribunal imposed Rs 105 crores in damages against a Pune builder, Sharad Pawar reached out to the Prime Minister.
Volkswagen said it would challenge the NGT fine in the Supreme Court.
An official said the police have been told that their probe should reach a logical conclusion after taking into account all 1,200 cases of illegal rat-hole mining in East Garo Hills, South-West Khasi Hills and West and East Jaintia Hills districts.
The National Green Tribunal has asked the Delhi government to deposit Rs 25 crore with the Central Pollution Control Board for its failure to curb the problem of pollution.
The committee said no notice or opportunity of hearing was given to Vedanta before the closure.
A look at the protests that moved the nation.
The NGT's attention was drawn to the issue in February when reports of fire in a mound of garbage near the lake were published.