Naveen Patnaik

Amarinder Singh suggested holding the exams online and Uddhav Thackeray also pressed on the needed for postponing.
Chief minister Naveen Patnaik said that around 2 lakh evacuees from vulnerable areas, who were shifted to around 3,000 cyclone shelters, have now returned to their homes.
Prime Minister Modi said that the "danger of the virus is far from over and constant vigilance is of paramount importance".
Mamata Banerjee will instead take part in a sit-in demonstration organised by the Trinamool Congress outside the Naihati municipality.
The BJD won 112 seats in the 147-member Assembly in the recently concluded elections.
Patnaik said that the assistance from the Centre is mostly for temporary restoration of infrastructure and they have to spend a lot from state’s own funds to work for the long-term.
The state has to install as many as 1.56 lakh electric poles.
Naveen Patnaik has done great work, said the prime minister after the survey.
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has already unveiled a relief package for those affected by the calamity.
BJP’s Jai Panda, who left BJD last year, will have to tackle actor Anubhav Mohanty’s star power for the seat.